GS/* phonebook + Web-BLF

About GS/* phonebook

'GS/* phonebook' is a free (as in GPL) AJAX phonebook (PostgreSQL-based) for Grandstream phones and Asterisk installations. It doesn't really require either Grandstream phones or Asterisk or any SIP-phone at all. Together with an Asterisk installation it provides Busy-Lamp-Fields (BLF), so you can monitor extensions, Asterisk hints or SIP-servers. It also gives you notifications for incoming calls and a searchable call history and a click-to-call feature. Grandstream phones can automatically download the up-to-date XML phonebook into the phone. Also each user can choose which three ringtones the GS phone should download into its memory. With the latest GS firmware ( and up) you can also display CallerIDs from ringing remote phones on your GS idle screen.

It is also syncable to Android 2.0 (or greater) devices with GSSync.

If somebody thinks that the interface looks really bad. Please feel free to write a nice CSS file or draw some nice icons and send them to me.


Online demo

Want to know how it looks and works? Try the online demo (offline at the moment).

Login as User 'admin', Password 'admin or User 'user', Password 'user'.
You can change the language under "Administration" as user 'admin'. You need to relogin for changes to fully take effect.

You can do everything except change the users 'admin' and 'user' or change the AMI hostname. All changes will be reverted once every day.

As the demo is not connected to an asterisk installation there are no incoming calls and no call history.

To demonstrate the BLF feature the following extensions have state information in the demo database:



Preparations for sync with Android devices (see GSSync).
Speaking time summary in call history.
Direct dial feature. Enter any number in dial box and press 'Dial'.
More complete history entries when using Asterisk 1.6.
Included Italian language file by Fabio Muzzi.
Updated Idle screen feature. Idle screen is now generated with PHP for full flexibility.
Display CallerID from ringing remote phones on Grandstream Idle screen.
Clickable BLFs (Dial, pickup, steal)
Support for different GS phone accounts
Additional admin-configurable fields that don't get sent to the GS phones (eMail, fax).
Busy-Lamp-Field support to monitor extensions, Asterisk hints or SIP-servers.
Searchable call history
Click-to-dial function
Included 'dial.php?dest=...' script for external dialing. User has to be logged in.


All the software should be available in any recent Linux distribution (except xajax). As far as I know everything is available for Windows as well.

Needed software:

See INSTALL.txt for installation instructions.


The idle screen feature might crash GXP-2010 phones. GXP-2020 don't seem to be affected. I don't know about GXP-2000. If you have trouble with crashing phones disable all remote callerinfo for the phone and restart (Grandstream has confirmed the GXP-2010 bug and I hope it gets fixed in a future firmware version.)