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kexecboot for the Pandora

kexecboot for the Pandora

This is an installation of kexecboot for the Pandora.

This package is broken at the moment. The bootmenu appears but it crashes on booting any entry.

kexecboot is a "soft" bootloader for Linux. It starts a small system on an initramfs that scans all partitions for known kernels and boot.cfg files and presents a boot menu.

I included an option in the "System" menu to launch a shell for debugging purposes.

It is intended to ease system booting for OSes from SD-card. It allows to select different options for the same kernel (like regular start or recovery) and/or use different installed kernels from the same partition without editing "boot.txt" each time.


The tar archive must be extracted to the root of partiton on an SD-card with a filesystem that U-boot can handle (ext2, ext3 or vfat).

If it is not installed on the first partiton or the filesystem is not "vfat" the included "/autoboot.txt" must be modified. Update "root=/dev/mmcblk0p1" to point to the right partition (actually I don't know if this is really necessary) and replace "fatload" with "ext2load" if the filesystem where you installed it is either "ext2" or "ext3".